Hes Dun Skiptitall - Photo Page


Hes Dun Skiptitall - Photo Page

Derby was killed in the horrific thunderstorms we had September 13, 2006.

I'm truly trying to get the rest of the photos to load and the site host is providing a me with challenge. Thank you for your patience! 

Unfortunately, these photos just don't do Derby justtice.  He's a GORGEOUS horse with all the eye appeal, pizazz and the look-at-me qualities.  He's a very pretty mover that catches the eye and holds your look and a very kind eye with a kind disposition to go with it.  A cooperative attitude and kind disposition are always a joy.  He's also not a screamer, nor does he think he needs to play nippy/lippy games or stand stand on 2 legs. 

Head & Neck

Along with a beautiful head with a kind eye, Derby has a very nice neck which ties in "like it ought too". 

Sweet Face

Along with his pretty, short head, great jowls and cute little ears, Derby has a very pretty and symetrical face marking.  His face has the qualities that makes one have to look at him and he holds that look.  He's very easy on the eyes!




My jog to greet the visitors coming up to my fence.....

Doesn't this relaxed and quiet jog make one want to see this horse under saddle?  It does me and it shows his every day demeanor.... people orientated and calm and happy.  One can't breed into a horse the look and talent to show unless a sire and/or dam have it.  Derby has the genetic background to provide that or to be a great gelding to go out and have fun showing while doing well.  There's a lot of satisfaction in riding a pretty horse with all the necessary attributes and they sure are easy on the eye to look out and see in our pasture.  It's always great to be greated by a horse with a happy attitude.

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