My Mares & My Breeding Program

At SM Quarter Horses, we breed for a talented individual with disposition, conformation and soundness for the long haul.  We like the "in-your-pocket" curiosity and friendliness which results in a horse who is interested and willing to work for us.  We want athletic ability and a sound mind with a sound body!  We don't breed many foals as we are looking for quality and not quanity and it's working!

We are hoping for a couple show quality foals in 2007 as the last foal born was in 2004. I really enjoy working with the foals and have missed having any around the last coule years.

Please put us in your favorites and check back in to see how things are progressing.

Thanks for visiting my site and meeting my mares!

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RIP Dunit.  1997 - 2006 - due to horrific storms. 

Dunit was a 1997 sorrel mare, registered with Aqha #3907062

Dunit started her show career in open halter as a yearling and was starting longeline.  She also showed open halter as a 2 year old.  Both years she was often the winner of the class (usually 6-8 horses) and never last place!  Then she ended up after 60 days under saddle with a horrible, life threatening injury and is now only broodmare sound. 

Sire:  Skipitall, PHBA world champion with multiple titles & awards and successfull offspring

Dam:  Miss Totalism by Total Nine by Spanish Clipper

Dunit is the dam of 3 outstanding colts:

1st:  Hes Casually Dun (multiple futurity wins and money earner)

2nd: Dont Skipitall Yet (multiple futurity wins, ABRA high money horse, and many many wins/titles/achievements) - Good luck to Rerun & Tracy at the 2006 ABRA World Show!

3rd:  Hes Dun Skiptitall, who is on this site and was also killed in the September storms.

4th: Dunit was carrying her 4th foal when she was killed in the storms.


Shesa Total Scandal

Summer is a 1999 buttermilk buckskin mare.

AQHA # 3831117

ABRA # T-13556

IBHA # T-19884

Sire: MC Scandalous, golden buckskin x Anniversary Music x Mr. Poco Music

Dam: Miss Totalism, chestnut mare x Total Nine x Spanish Clipper


Extensive with many futurity wins, money earnings, titles and awards!


First foal due early 2007 by Hes Dun Skiptitall

Gracefully Scandlous

Grace is a 2000 palomino mare who I sold as a newborn and was lucky enough to have the option to bring back home!  She's broodmare sound due to having had a broken leg and many injuries when attacked by coyotes as a weanling.

AQHA # 4030775

PHBA # 76353

Sire: MC Scandalous, golden buckskin x Anniversary Music x Mr. Poco Music

Dam: Quincys Blondy, a palomino mare x Quincys Eternal x Sir Quincy Dan

First foal:  2003 Sorrel filly by Misters Rumors - On Memorial Page

Foal due early 2007 by Hes Dun Skiptitall

Reference Sires


Skipitall is a 1981 palomino and a PHBA World Champion with multiple titles under saddle.

Sire: Skipster's Lad x Skipster

Dam: Galadoo x Chicadoo

MC Scandalous

MC Scandalous is a beautiful golden buckskin with the metallic sheen and "snowflake" dapples (N/N).  He had a severe lower hind leg injury as a young horse and didn't get to prove himself in the show ring.  His offspring who have shown have done a good job at that.  He was broke to ride upon coming to Michigan and is a beautiful, soft mover and has a disposition that any potential stud should have.  I have had 5 foals by him and the 4 who I took to futuriies all won their classes and are money earners.  The other was sold as a suckling foal and due to a catastrophe for the new family, unfortunately didn't make it to her futurity and was later severely injured herself (Grace, above).  I'd regretted selling her and had the opportunity to buy her back for a brood mare, which I haven't regretted!

Sire: Anniversary Music x Mr Poco Music

Dam: Impressive Poco Rio x Poco Honcho